The Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) enthusiastically salutes the break of the Israeli blockade of Gaza by the International Solidarity Movement and the international initiative Free Gaza. KOE salutes the activists on board of the two Greek-flag vessels who, thanks to their courage and resolute attitude, brought to the coast of Gaza and to its suffering people new shines of hope. KOE salutes the proud Palestinian People who keeps marching on the path of dignity and liberation, despite the unspeakable hardships it suffers because of the barbaric occupation by the Israeli Neonazis. KOE salutes the International Solidarity Movement who overcame great obstacles and fulfilled its duty, proving once more that the peoples and the militants are able to face successfully the supposedly “all-powerful” enemy.

The break of the siege of Gaza provokes waves of joy in Palestine and among the progressive peoples of the world. Now, we call upon the Greek government to abandon its hypocritical and pseudo-neutral policy that makes it an accomplice of the Zionist entity, and to undertake action in order to guarantee the safe return trip of the activists and all those on board of the Free Gaza vessels, because this initiative is both just and in full accordance with the international law. The Greek government must, at last, take position and demand the state of Israel to abstain from any type of piratical harassment of the activists by the naval forces of the illegal occupation and equally illegal siege of Palestine.

Long live the international solidarity!

Freedom to Palestine!

Imperialism and Zionism shall be defeated!

Athens, 24 August 2008