We extend our enthusiastic salute to the peoples and the movements of Turkey for their ongoing uprising and resolute struggle for Democracy. The bloody repression exercised by the Erdogan regime is unable to frighten the broad popular masses who have taken Taksim and dozens of squares all over the country and fight bravely . The wave of unitary mobilizations and mass protests in Turkey constitutes a severe blow against the propagandistic claims of the Erdogan regime about the so called “democratization” and “development” of the country.

At the same time, this new popular explosion in Turkey becomes a new link in the chain of the successive revolts shaking particularly the South the last three years: from the Arab Spring, the Iberic Peninsula and Greece to Slovenia, Bulgaria, etc. These revolts are the product of the peoples’ discontent and anger because of the catastrophic policies of the imperialist forces and of the local reactionary regimes. They often result to the overthrow of tyrannical governments or to the destabilization of the enemy’s plans.

All these popular explosions become a school of unity and struggle for the masses, shaping a new conscience and promoting common demands among millions of people from the whole Mediterranean area. We declare our full solidarity with the struggle of the peoples of Turkey against tyranny, for democracy, freedom, dignity and justice. Together with all the progressive and left forces, we participate in the solidarity marches that take place today at the Turkish Embassy and Consulate respectively in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Athens, 3/6/2013

KOE Press Office