Dear Comrades,


The Communist Organization of Greece / KOE, member of the Coalition of Radical Left / SYRIZA, is conveying to the 1st Congress of the Socialist Popular Alliance Party a warm message of solidarity and encouragement. Through this fraternal salute we also express the support and respect of the progressive Greek people to the struggles and sacrifices of the Egyptian people since the dark years of Mubarak’s dictatorship, culminating in the Revolution that started in 2011 and continues till today.


We have been honored and very pleased to meet Comrades from your Party in our international meetings here in Greece, and also abroad. Through your devotion to our common cause, we got to love Egypt and the Egyptian people even more. Thus, we share with you the imminent need to stand up to the historic duty of struggling for Genuine Democracy, which incorporates the basic political and social rights of the popular masses.


The Tunisian, Egyptian and other Arab uprisings since two years now have been a significant source of inspiration for us all. They set off a huge wave of popular demonstrations in the southern Europe’s squares, and they became examples for a multitude of different movements in many other, even more distant countries. Your spark started and encouraged the prairie fires in many parts of the world, where the peoples get to the streets and fight for Democracy, Freedom, Independence, Dignity, Bread and Emancipation.

Dear Comrades,

Three years now the IMF-EU-ECB Troika, with the impudent assistance of successive obedient “Greek” governments, has imposed upon our country a policy resulting to severe humanitarian crisis. Broad masses have been deprived of basic means of life and the unemployment has reached unprecedented rates. On top of that, the people’s enemies are selling out the national wealth, violate the rules of their own bourgeois democracy, and hand over the last remnants of our national sovereignty.

The Communist Organization of Greece puts all its efforts in the development of a broad popular political and social movement that will throw Troika and its lackeys out of Greece, in order to stop the catastrophe and reconstruct our country and the future of our youth. The coalition SYRIZA has achieved a lot during the last year, expressing the aspirations of millions of Greeks and becoming the main opposition party. However, we are conscious that we have a long way to go, under most harsh conditions.

Dear Comrades,

We feel inspired by the heroic struggle of the Egyptian people, who managed to overthrow Mubarak’s dictatorship under most difficult circumstances, and still continue to fight bravely for the realization of their rights. We know that you, Comrades, who compose the body of SPAP’s 1st Congress, have been and always are in the forefront of this struggle. We shake the hand of each and every one of you! We share and support your insistence in the comprehension of democracy, of patriotic and socialist vision.

We know that your 1st Congress is a landmark for building up your Party, while at the same time you spare no effort for unity in order to fulfill your duties towards the Egyptian people. We were honored by your invitation to assist the Congress and regret the fact that we were not able to be with you today. Consider it as if we are among you.

Every success to the 1st Congress of the Socialist Popular Alliance Party!

Long live the solidarity and cooperation of the peoples in struggle!

Athens, March 14, 2013

The Leading Committee of KOE