A delegation of KOE has been invited and participated in the Congress of foundation of SORTU, the new party of the Basque Patriotic Left. The Congress took place on February 23, 2013 in Iruña, Basque Country. Follows the greeting addressed by the representative of KOE to the mass political act after the successful conclusion of the works of SORTU’s Congress:




Dear friends and comrades,

I am conveying to you all, the warmest greetings of the Communist Organization of Greece, member of the Coalition of Radical Left (SYRIZA), accompanied by the wishes of thousands of Greek progressive and left people, who know very well and support your decades-long struggles for Independence and Socialism.

Today it is a very good day for the Patriotic Left and for the Basque People. It is also a day of great inspiration for us, your international friends: This very moment, we witness the triumph of the democratic will of hundreds of thousands of Basques, who offer to the world one more proof that the repression, the prisons, the tortures, the calumniations are not able to strangle a proud and freedom-loving nation, nor its popular and progressive forces. The Patriotic Left is here, stronger than ever, paving the way towards the democratic resolution of the conflict and, thus, towards a Basque Country with social justice and dignity for its people.


Dear friends and comrades,

The popular struggles for Genuine Democracy acquire today more centricity than ever before. Dozens of millions of people all over the world fight courageously in order that their voice is heard and their will is respected. From Latin America to Asia, and from the Arab countries to Europe, broad popular masses get to the streets shouting and aspiring for Democracy, Freedom, Independence, Dignity, Bread and Emancipation.

But we also see what happens in the European Union, which today, hand in hand with the gangsters of the IMF, strips our countries of the last remnants of sovereignty and pushes our peoples into an unforeseen humanitarian crisis.

In these critical times, let’s make every possible effort in order to work together, let’s unite all the progressive, patriotic, democratic and left forces in a large, raging river that shall sweep away the injustices and the tiny minorities who oppress our peoples, deprive our youth from its future and steal our national wealth.


Dear friends and comrades,

You should forgive me, because my last words are not addressed to you; they are addressed to the government of Madrid:

- Learn from history, and stop this hopeless intransigent policy, which offers no perspective!

- Respect the democratic will and the rights of the people who live in this country!

- Let the political prisoners return home and contribute to the peace process!

- Free Arnaldo Otegi and all the militants of the Patriotic Left!

Long live the solidarity and cooperation of the peoples in struggle!


Click HERE for the videoclip of the salute by the representative of KOE during the public meeting