Statement of KOE

The cold-blood assassination of comrade Chokri Belaïd yesterday morning in front of his house by “unknown” professional murderers sprung a new wave of justified and invincible popular anger. Fighting against the repressive forces, broad masses went out in the streets of Tunis and other cities all over Tunisia, shouting once again the revolutionary slogans of the 2011 uprising. The Popular Front, joined by the other parties of the opposition, left the Parliament and announced a general strike demanding the overthrow of the government.

Now, more than ever before, it is evident to the whole world that the actual government has tragically failed the expectations of the Tunisian Revolution. For this reason, this government became in its turn the target of the brave Tunisian people, who have broken once and for all the barrier of fear that was dominating Tunisia during decades. The sons and daughters of the Tunisian people, who offered their blood in order to overthrow the dictatorship of Ben Ali, could not but continue the struggle for Dignity, Justice, Bread and Democracy. Yesterday evening, under the popular outcry and thanks to the uncompromising stance of the Popular Front, the government was forced to retreat and promise new elections.

The Communist Organization of Greece expresses to the Popular Front, to the people of Tunisia and to the family of Chokri Belaïd the most sincere condolences for the loss of a dedicated revolutionary who lived his whole life in the service of the people. Chokri Belaïd, head of the Democratic Patriots Movement and vice president of the Popular Front, was jailed and tortured repeatedly in the dungeons of the pro-western dictatorship, actively participated in the 2011 uprising and contributed in rallying the Tunisian Left. We pay tribute to his memory.

The Communist Organization Greece salutes the Tunisian people, who are writing History once again, thus honoring in the most dignified way the assassinated leader. We hail the comrades of the Tunisian Workers’ Party and of the Popular Front, who are in the frontlines of their people’s struggle. A few days after the mass protests of the Egyptian people, the spirit of the much calumniated Arab Spring, which inspired the progressive people in the whole world, returns proudly in its original cradle, Tunisia. The spirit of the Revolution mocks its own weaknesses, but mainly jeers at those cynic “observers” that derided the Arab Spring, considering the peoples as pawns of supposedly omnipotent foreign powers. And the spirit of the Revolution shouts again with booming voice: The Peoples Have the Power to Impose EVERYTHING!

Athens, 7 February 2013

Communist Organization of Greece