Following an invitation by UCPNM to attend or send greetings to its 7th Congress, to be held from 2 to 7 February at Hetauda, the Communist Organization of Greece has replied with the following message:


Dear Comrades,

We are extending greetings to your Congress and wish success in its works. We send you our appreciation and encouragement for your efforts to cope with the complex challenges posed by the struggle in your country, in a context of worldwide aggressive response of imperialism and capitalism to its global crisis. We are observing carefully the developments in Nepal, wishing that your efforts focus and strive for a policy that serves and promotes the aspirations of your people. The Nepalese people have offered immense sacrifice in the struggle, have marked important victories but also tactical defeats, and they continue to represent an inspiration for us all as the first revolutionary experience of the 21st century.

Dear Comrades,

Greece is suffering an attack of imperialism and capitalism threatening the very survival of our people and of our country. The IMF-EU-ECB troika and its local lackeys pursue almost three years now their destructive policy, without any “success” except… tearing apart the social and democratic rights, as well as the last remnants of popular sovereignty and national independence. Greece now experiences vast unemployment, poverty and a recession unseen in times of peace. And this situation is all but limited in Greece: the whole European South suffers under the extreme neoliberal policies of destructuring the so called “welfare state”, in a fast-track process of suffocating attachment to the chariot of German imperialism.


However, at the same time, the popular struggles against the policies of the internal and external troikas continue, with massive mobilizations against these policies and for the maintenance of dignity against the catastrophic policies orchestrated by the imperialists and the financial capital. We believe that today the people who fight for national independence and social emancipation all over the world, the Nepalese and Greek peoples among them, find themselves much closer. In this sense, we aspire to further develop the mutual solidarity between our peoples and our movements.

The Communist Organization of Greece, as member of the Coalition of Radical Left (SYRIZA), strives to contribute in the reinforcement and orientation of the struggling people in Greece towards overthrowing this corrupt and catastrophic government, and the whole political system that incorporates it. Our efforts aim at the development of a broad political current struggling for a left way out of this crisis and for the beginning of Greece’s productive reconstruction of the country. These are essential prerequisites in order to avert the complete catastrophe of the country and pursue a different path, serving the interests of the popular majority.

Dear Comrades,

We wish you again a successful Congress. We are looking forward to be informed about its outcome, and more generally about the developments in your country, and we aspire to a further understanding and mutually fruitful cooperation in the common struggles for Genuine Democracy, National Independence and Social Emancipation!

Athens, 4 February 2013

Communist Organization of Greece (KOE), International Relations Department