The Communist Organization of Greece (KOE), member of the Coalition of Radical Left (SYRIZA), congratulates all the Progressive, Left, Patriotic forces of Catalonia for their success in the elections of 25 November. The electoral outcome for the lists of Esquerra Republicana, of Esquerra Unida i Alternativa and of Candidatures d'Unitat Popular constitutes an encouragement for the Greek People and for all the Peoples of Europe in their struggles for Independence, Democracy and Emancipation.

A month ago, the Basque People has condemned in the most resolute way, through the electoral process, the decades-long barbaric repression exercised by the Spanish State and its antidemocratic refusal to recognize the right of a People to decide its own future. The arrogant claim that the forces of the Patriotic Left are nothing but a “bunch of terrorists” without popular support has been, once again, exposed for what it is: a pathetic lie.

Now, after the explicit outcome of the Catalan elections, it is time for Madrid to recognize the fact that there is a powerful popular current, both in Catalonia and in the Basque Country, which contests not only the neoliberal austerity policies but also the existing institutional framework of the Spanish State. Moreover, it is time for Madrid to grasp the chance for a democratic and sincere dialogue in order to resolve peacefully the conflict in the Basque Country.

We are confident that the Progressive, Left, Patriotic forces of Catalonia shall play a decisive role in defending the democratic and social rights of the Catalan People. Thus they will objectively reinforce the efforts of the Greek People as well, in our common struggle for a different Europe – without Troikas who bring only generalized misery and oppression.

Athens, 27 November 2012

KOE, International Relations Department