On the issue of the current Israeli attacks on Gaza, KOE issued a press release on 15/11/2012. Excerpts following:


Not only did Netanyahu’s government assassinate the head of Hamas’ military wing during the negotiation of a cease-fire (it is not the first time anyway that Israel blatantly disrespects an agreement), but it also declared that it will escalate the murderous operation “until the end”, meaning obviously the subordination of the Palestinians to the occupation and the siege of Gaza. Already, the casualties of the israeli operation called “Defense Pillar” are mainly civilians, many of them children. This repetitive crime is the definition of the destruction of life and security for the citizens of occupied Palestine and of the whole region.

- The new crime has to be stopped, and the occupation and the siege alike!

- Stop the military agreement between Greece and Israel, which legitimizes and helps the israeli crimes, implicates Greece in the plans of the zionists and undermines the friendship between the peoples of Greece, Palestine and the Arab world.


The press release concludes with the call for the protest organized by various associations outside the israeli embassy the same day (see photo). Also, the Foreign Policy Department of SYRIZA issued today, 18/11/2012, a statement titled: “The military agreement between Greece and Israel has to be revoked now”. The last part of the statement reads:

[The Greek government] must pose every possible pressure on Israel in order to stop the aggression and allow the transport of all the goods that are necessary to the citizens of Gaza, so that the illegal siege will be ended.

As a minimum symbolic and actual action and pressure to the israeli government, SYRIZA demands the immediate revoking of the military agreement between Greece and Israel.

It is necessary now, before it is too late, to take all the necessary actions in order to stop the bloodbath and the destabilization of the whole region, which poses dangers for all the peoples and countries in the wider region, including the Greek people.