Message of the Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) to the 14th Congress of the Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM)

Dear Comrades,

On behalf of KOE's Leading Committee, members and sympathizers, we extend to your 14th Congress a warm salute of comradeship in struggle. There is a great geographical distance separating our two countries, as well as very different social, economic and political conditions. And yet, we feel that we have many in common: the oppression by the imperialist powers and their local lackeys, the dramatic pauperization of the popular masses provoked by the extreme neoliberal policies, an incredibly corrupted and sold out political system that repeatedly fails to resolve even the most basic problems of the masses. But, above all, what we have in common is our resolute stand by the side of the popular masses, our investment in their democratic movement, our dedication to the just cause of our peoples’ aspirations for Independence, Democracy and Justice.

Dear Comrades,

Recently we have published in our weekly Dromos tis Aristeras (“Road of the Left”) an exclusive interview of Comrade S. Arutchelvan, who thus gave the opportunity to the progressive Greek public opinion to have first-hand knowledge of the situation in your country, as well as of the struggles and tactics of your Party. It is by further deepening our direct relations, sincere exchange of opinions and experiences and our mutually fruitful cooperation that we will be able to use more and more effectively the powerful weapon of the internationalist solidarity. In these critical times of a global crisis severely affecting our peoples and, simultaneously, proving once again the destructive nature of this rotten system, we all gather strength and courage to keep marching the rocky path towards national and social liberation even through the simple knowledge that everywhere in this planet we have so many dedicated comrades marching on the same path.

Dear Comrades,

The Greek people two years now fight courageously against the criminal plans of the IMF-EU-ECB troika and its obedient local lackeys. From the multiple general strikes and the squares’ movement to the actual battle of national elections, and despite the brutal state repression and the terrorization campaign of the enemy camp, the popular masses have invaded the central political scene in their millions. Gradually, our last year’s slogan “The fear changes camp!” becomes a reality, as the Coalition of Radical Left (SYRIZA) becomes able to express the popular aspirations and threatens the decades-long domination of the once mighty main bourgeois parties and, even more importantly, the domination of the imperialists and of the “markets” over our country. We are grateful for the solidarity that you, and many other left parties and popular movements from all over the world, are developing towards the just struggle of the Greek people. Your internationalist solidarity is our strength and our pride!

We wish you a very fruitful and productive 14th Congress. May the Socialist Party of Malaysia get stronger and stronger, in the best interest of your people and of the international movement! Together, we shall prove once again that History is written by the Peoples!

Dare to struggle, dare to win!

Athens, 31 May 2012

Communist Organization of Greece (KOE), International Relations Department