Extracts of the message sent by the Youth of KOE to the Revolutionary Communist Youth (JCR) of Argentina on its 40th anniversary

[...] Dear comrades of the JCR,

You are celebrating in the most appropriate way the 40th anniversary since the foundation of the JCR: by continuing your struggle, as integral part of the your people and youth, opening the path towards the Democratic-Popular Revolution that will meet the deepest aspirations and the most basic interests of the broad Argentinean popular masses. We are also celebrating with you, by intensifying our fight against the IMF-EU-ECB troika and their local lackeys, united with you in the struggle against our common enemies.

The young people all over the world, despite the very different conditions between countries and regions, have many common points: first of all, in the context of the global crisis, we are all targeted by the ongoing war declared upon us by the most retrograde and reactionary forces, which “promise” to the youth of the world a dark and barbarous future. We have, however, another common point: our globally expressed aspiration to fight against this destructive system and to live a worthy life! From Latin America, Africa and Asia to the Mediterranean countries and to the “developed” West, the youth is in the forefront of the battle for Democracy, Justice and Liberation.


There is an additional reason for which we feel very close to you and to your efforts and struggles in Argentina: Your brave and resolute fight against the IMF and its lackeys ten years ago, known worldwide as the Argentinazo revolt, has always been an inspiration for us and an example for our youth and people. Now, a regime of political and economic occupation has been imposed on our country by the IMF-EU-ECB troika and the international financial gangsters, bringing social destruction and canceling the last remnants of sovereignty and democracy. And it is at these critical moments that in the popular neighborhoods and in the countryside you can listen not anymore only the left militants, but the “average” people saying: “We will do the Argentinean way; we will throw them out of the country!”


Dear comrades,

Since the Sixties, the JCR and the PCR have always been on the side of the Argentinean people; have always been integral parts of their struggle. The revolutionary youth of Argentina, as in most countries of the world, has served as the locomotive of social change and progress. You have paid a heavy price for having the honor to be in the forefront of the struggle. Dozens of martyrs, as the great revolutionary youth leader Manuel Guerra, are illuminating your path in good times and in hard times. We, the Youth of KOE, are thrilled to salute your 40th anniversary as an important point in the history of class and youth struggle in Argentina. We wish you all even greater success, and we are confident that you will continue marching on the path of National and Social Liberation as you did for the last 40 years. May your inspirational efforts serve to further strengthen the Revolution in Argentina and in the whole world!

Dare to struggle, dare to win!

Long live the Revolutionary Communist Youth of Argentina!

Hasta la Victoria Siempre!

Athens, 22 May 2012

The Pan-Hellenic Bureau of the Youth of KOE