Press Statement of KOE

Since today morning the French ship «Dignité», the only one from the Freedom Flotilla II that managed to break the shameless ban imposed by the puppet government of Papandreou, was in the international waters outside Gaza. With 16 people on board, «Dignité» has been encircled by warships of the Israeli navy. Since 10:30 AM we lost any contact with «Dignité». On 01:30 PM Israeli commandos occupied «Dignité», shredding apart once more any sense of international law. In these critical moments, our hearts and minds are with those 16 persons who were left alone to represent a great enterprise of solidarity and humanity. In their faces, millions and millions of people from the whole world are finding their expression.

The Papandreou government, acting as puppet of the Zionist entity, but also the president of the Hellenic Republic (?) Mr Papoulias, who “succeeded” to be the first representative of Greece ever booed by Palestinian citizens, may be satisfied: They have prevented the sailing of Freedom Flotilla II, thus allowing the Zionist Goliath to “bravely” occupy just one tiny boat. However, Mr Papoulias and Mr Papandreou should not worry for the fact that «Dignité» managed to escape the Greek ports: They will be congratulated in any case by the bloody neonazis of the Zionist entity.

We know that we would express a huge naivety if we would ask the Greek authorities to intervene even at this last moment, and to demand that Israel respects the international law. Mr Papoulias and Mr Papandreou are accomplices of the Israeli neonazis, and our people shall never forget that they have abased both Greece and Dignity.

We demand the safety of the 16 people of «Dignité»!

No Justice, No Peace! Freedom for Palestine!

19 July 2011

KOE Press Office