The internationalist Resistance Festival will take place for the fourth consecutive year in Athens on 1, 2 and 3 July 2011, while THE FEAR CHANGES CAMP. Since May 25, hundreds of thousands have participated in the occupations of the main city squares all over the Greece, and the protest keeps gaining momentum. With the youth in the forefront, the people united struggle against the IMF-EU-ECB yoke, the Papandreou “government” and the whole corrupt and bankrupt political system. Real democracy and respect of people’s sovereignty, those are the aspirations of the masses that have invaded the scene in all their strength, reducing to ashes the calculations of the enemy camp. Join us in the 4th Resistance Festival, which aims at facilitating the interaction and the exchange of experiences among the INDIGNADOS of the world: from Greece and the Iberic Peninsula to Argentina, through Tunisia, Egypt and the other Arab countries!

The experiment that we started four years ago gradually grows and becomes an institution of the youth and popular movement: The 4th edition of Resistance Festival is already under preparation, as another step forward in building the unity of our struggles that is today more necessary than ever. The Resistance Festival aims at converging peoples’ movements and offers a unique opportunity for the Greek public to get into direct contact with various experiences and struggles from other countries, with international guests and delegations covering a broad geographical and political spectrum. Important speakers, activists, parties and youth organisations, as well artists and music groups, have joined us the previous years. Thousands of people participated and attended the political and cultural events of the Resistance Festival.

The festival will again take place in the familiar location of the Agricultural University of Athens. This year there will be three central debates, one each day:

-FRIDAY JULY 1: “The squares of the world are meeting”: the promising wave of popular outbreaks that marked 2011 since January and keep on, initiated by the heroic revolts of the Arab peoples and continued by the Indignados in the squares of the Spanish state, Greece and other countries.

-SATURDAY JULY 2: “What can we do?”: a debate among the Greek Left, intellectuals and participants in the new movement of the Indignados about the prerequisites for Greece to achieve a political, economic and social way out of the present situation.

-SUNDAY JULY 3: “Europe: Is there life without this EU?”: the crisis in Europe, focusing especially on the countries that have fallen under the troika (IMF-EU-ECB) yoke: Ireland, Portugal and Greece.

Apart the above main debates, we are preparing six workshops, two for each day, most of them related to experiences and struggles developing in our country: the “I don’t pay” grassroots movement, the unemployment, the migrant currents, the “waste industry”, the nuclear threat, the struggles of young-flexible workers. Moreover, this year as well the Resistance Festival will also have a strong cultural aspect, offering among others three big concerts for the young (and the not so young!) people.

For more details, you will be able within a few days to check the full program in our website, which will be updated with the necessary information about the 4th edition of our festival. In the same website there are links to the previous three festivals. In order to registrate your participation, and/or reserve a stand for your materials, please take already now contact with the Organizing Committee:

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