Dear Comrades of the ANNISU-R,

We heartily thank you for inviting us here, in your 18th Congress and in this International Seminar. This is a great occasion for us, to renew our ties of comradeship and solidarity with your movement and in general with the revolutionary movement of the Nepalese people. It is, furthermore, a great occasion to learn and to be inspired from the exemplary struggles and the revolutionary spirit of the Nepalese youth and people. In the name of the Leading Committee of the Communist Organization of Greece, and in the name of the National Secretariat of the Student Youth, we extend to you the enthusiastic red salute of our Organization and of the thousands of young and older people who struggle with us in the streets of Greece.

Dear Comrades of the other foreign delegations,

We salute you in the name of our Student Youth. It is an inspiring experience, to be here with you all, and to try to explore together with the Nepalese comrades the best ways to put the foundations for a broad anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist and anti-neoliberal international forum. When you will return to your countries, please transmit our revolutionary greetings and, above all, our will to work together in order to oppose effectively our common enemies, with the liberating perspective of the Socialism of the 21st century. The future belongs to us all!

Dear Comrades,

Please allow us to briefly expose to you the actual situation of the youth and popular movements in our country, Greece, and more general in Europe. You are all aware of the deep and general crisis that shakes the very foundations of the reactionary and anti-democratic European Union, as the capitalists attempt to overcome this crisis by sinking the society back to conditions and relations of the 19th  century.

In this context, the youth plays a protagonistic role in the struggles and movements all over Europe. Maybe you have seen the scenes from the supposedly “quiet” and “disciplined” youth of Britain, demonstrating bravely in order to oppose the anti-student laws of the British government. Maybe you have seen the scenes of thousands of students breaking the anti-riot police lines, invading government buildings, and even attacking the limousine of prince Charles.

Similar scenes have taken place in many European countries. In Italy, the youth is once more in the streets, fighting against the dangerous government of Berlusconi. The Italian students have occupied, among others, the famous Coliseum in Rome and the Tower of Pisa. The French youth has been in the frontlines of the great movement against the so-called “reforms” of the Sarkozy government. In Greece, the Memorandum of the Papandreou government with the IMF and the EU has plunged the whole country in a vicious circle of annihilation of all the social rights – and the public education is among the first victims. The imperialist masters of Greece try to liquidate the public education and the public universities – to such extent that only the student movement, but also the very Assembly of Deans of the Greek Universities, have expressed their total opposition to the plans of the puppet government.

The youth is in the forefront of the struggles, and not only for their own specific problems. These days, the youth of Keratea, a suburb of Athens, has primed in the resistance against the anti-riot police, which was attempting to impose an environmentally destructive plan in their region. With their very hands, with stone-throwing and with Molotov cocktails, they have repulsed times and again the terrorist police forces. The same goes for the role of the youth in the great general strike that took place yesterday all over Greece, where the student and working youth fought bravely against the police, which was instructed by the IMF-EU puppet government to break the impressive demonstrations of the Greek people. Dozens of youth, among them our comrades, have been arrested while demonstrating and are now accused as “terrorists” - while the only terrorist is the puppet government of Mister Papandreou. Today we declare here in front of you: We will not back even a footstep! We will work for the outbreak of a national popular revolt that will throw away the IMF, the EU and their puppet government, and will bring back the hope in the popular camp.

Here we must say that the mainstream Media follow a policy of silencing all these movements, when they do not try to slander them. The mainstream Media are the voice of the bosses, the voice of the bankers, the voice of the international and local gangsters. Together with the sold-out reformist leaders of the trade union bureaucracy, they attempt to control and manipulate the anger of the youth and working masses. However, all these puppets have less and less success in their evil aims. It is characteristic that yesterday, the day of general strike in Greece, the president of the General Confederation of Labour, this traitor of the working class, did not dare to appear in the great demonstration. He was hiding in a private hospital, because he knew that he will be the target of the very masses that were following him until few months ago.

Dear Comrades,

The situation in the Left and in the trade union movement of Greece and more general of Europe is far from brilliant. We must be aware of that. The domination of reformism for many decades has in a great extent disarmed the movement. However, broad masses are today distrusting those sold-out leaderships. Broad masses realize the deep crisis and the destructive impass of the so called “European integration”, and the equally destructive policy of other imperialist powers, such as the USA. Broad masses start to explore the paths for liberation, and in many cases get ahead of their supposed “leaderships”. It is our duty, and we do our best to fulfill it, to offer a perspective, to prepare the revolts that will open up new paths, against the attempt of the ruling classes to send us back to the Dark Ages.

In this context, we consider that the proposal of our hosts, to prepare an anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist and anti-neoliberal front, is of great importance. The ruling classes are torn apart by their internal contradictions, but at the same time they agree on one point: to attack on a global scale the peoples, the working masses, the youth. For this reason, it is crucial to develop our coordination and solidarity, and to oppose our own Front against the Black Front of the Reactionaries. The proposal of the Nepalese comrades is excellent, and we fully support it: let's overcome our differences, and let's form a broad front that will influence in the most positive way our movements on national, regional and international level, despite the different conditions in each country. The Communist Organization of Greece will do its best, both on national and international level, in order to correspond to this urgent necessity.

Let's try together to be the spark that will set the fire in the prairie!

December 2010

Delegation of KOE Youth