Mr Ambassador,

You are certainly aware of the situation of 11.000 Palestinians who are jailed in your prisons. You are also certainly aware of the inhuman and cruel treatment most of them suffer, often placed in isolation, been tortured, or deprived even of the most basic necessities and elementary rights. Among them is Mr Ahmad Sa'adat, General Secretary of PFLP and elected member of the Palestinian Parliament, who was abducted by your army. Because he has refused to submit to the inhuman regime that your government reserves to the Palestinian prisoners, Mr Sa'adat has been put in even more strict isolation, which he challenges tomorrow in the Israeli courts.

We will not try to convince you that the Palestinians, as all peoples on this planet, are entitled to determine themselves their fate, to be free, to return to their homes, and of course to struggle in order to secure these universal rights. We will not try to do so because you are representing an entity that has illegally occupied and stolen foreign land, has transformedPalestine into an open air prison, has violated and keeps violating each and every aspect of international law and of basic human rights, and keeps excusing itself referring to the hardships of Jews in the past – while it applied and applies an equally racist treatment on Palestinians.

However, Mr Ambassador, we will do try to convince you that Israel cannot keep ignoring its responsibilities towards the thousands of men, women and even children that it has imprisoned. More and more people in our country and all over the world learn that the inhuman treatment of your prisoners not only violates all international standards and norms, but also puts in danger their very lives. There is no excuse for torturing defenceless people. Thus, we ask from you to exercise your responsibilities and act swiftly in order that Mr Ahmad Sa'adat and all Palestinian prisoners are freed from punitive isolation. It is the least that you can and must do!


Feidias Pairidis

Leading Committee, Communist Organization of Greece