The Communist Organization of Greece condemns the new attacks of the Berlusconi regime against the antifascist movement, and more concretely the police invasion in the “1st May Club” in Pistoia and the arrest of the antifascist militants Alessandro Della Malva, Elisabetta Cipolli and Alessandro Orfano. These provocative attacks come in sharp contrast with the tolerance of the Berlusconi regime (and of the PD “opposition”) towards the countless and continuous crimes of the fascist gangs, and with the extreme violence perpetrated by the extreme right wing, the reactionary state and the repressive mechanisms against the progressive people, the youth and the immigrants.

We express our full solidarity with the 3 arrested comrades and with all the victims of the repression in Italy; we demand their immediate release and the cessation of all legal procedures against them. We salute the antifascists who resist this new wave of increased antidemocratic repression and organize the resistance in working places, universities and neighborhoods all over Italy. We join our voices with those of the Italian progressive people who struggle in order to shut down the offices of the real criminals: the fascist gangs.

Immediate liberation for Alessandro Della Malva, Elisabetta Cipolli and Alessandro Orfano!

The democratic rights are not negotiable! The struggle for the people’s cause is legitimate!

Athens, 14 October 2009 * KOE - International Relations Department