International Solidarity

Statement by KOE:

For almost three weeks now, the peoples of Turkey continue their courageous combat for Democracy and Justice despite the ferocious repression by the regime of Ankara. The so called “democrat” Erdogan has already painted his hands in the blood of the peoples’ best sons and daughters: 4 dead and 8.000 wounded, among them several in critical situation, as well as thousands of arrests, is so far the result of the Erdogan government’s vain effort to silence the waves of popular protests.

Yesterday over 100 socialists, members of the Socialist Party of Opressed (ESP) and other socialist organizations, as well as journalists of Atılım Newspaper, Etkin News Agency and Özgür Radio, have been arrested in their offices and houses by the “anti-terror” police units. This was one more step in Erdogan’s course towards an openly police state. In front of this new brutality, we fully share and support the resolute reaction by the popular resistance, as it was expressed for example with the following statement by the ESP:

“All of the assaults up to today failed to prevent our march headed for freedom and socialism. Likewise, this latest attack will not be able to stop the popular revolt ignited by Gezi Resistance. This revolt of dignity is a resistance of all segments of our peoples’ collective struggle”.

The Communist Organization of Greece calls upon all the revolutionary and democratic forces worldwide to intensify their solidarity (*) with the exemplary struggle of Turkey’s peoples, who have forgotten what fear is and continue their fight. Moreover, their struggle is the best help and inspiration for the struggle of the Greek, Portuguese, Arab and other peoples of the South, who face the same enemies and share the same aspirations. Together we shall build the new Mediterranean Spring, and together we shall pave the way for a future of Democracy, Dignity, Cooperation and Justice for our Peoples!

Athens, 19/6/2013

KOE, International Relations Department

(*) For example, organize protests outside the Turkish Embassies/Consulates, send protest letters to the Turkish Ministry of Interior Affairs, issue press statements. Please send reports about your solidarity and copies of your statements to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We extend our enthusiastic salute to the peoples and the movements of Turkey for their ongoing uprising and resolute struggle for Democracy. The bloody repression exercised by the Erdogan regime is unable to frighten the broad popular masses who have taken Taksim and dozens of squares all over the country and fight bravely . The wave of unitary mobilizations and mass protests in Turkey constitutes a severe blow against the propagandistic claims of the Erdogan regime about the so called “democratization” and “development” of the country.

At the same time, this new popular explosion in Turkey becomes a new link in the chain of the successive revolts shaking particularly the South the last three years: from the Arab Spring, the Iberic Peninsula and Greece to Slovenia, Bulgaria, etc. These revolts are the product of the peoples’ discontent and anger because of the catastrophic policies of the imperialist forces and of the local reactionary regimes. They often result to the overthrow of tyrannical governments or to the destabilization of the enemy’s plans.

All these popular explosions become a school of unity and struggle for the masses, shaping a new conscience and promoting common demands among millions of people from the whole Mediterranean area. We declare our full solidarity with the struggle of the peoples of Turkey against tyranny, for democracy, freedom, dignity and justice. Together with all the progressive and left forces, we participate in the solidarity marches that take place today at the Turkish Embassy and Consulate respectively in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Athens, 3/6/2013

KOE Press Office

Dear Comrades,


The Communist Organization of Greece / KOE, member of the Coalition of Radical Left / SYRIZA, is conveying to the 1st Congress of the Socialist Popular Alliance Party a warm message of solidarity and encouragement. Through this fraternal salute we also express the support and respect of the progressive Greek people to the struggles and sacrifices of the Egyptian people since the dark years of Mubarak’s dictatorship, culminating in the Revolution that started in 2011 and continues till today.


We have been honored and very pleased to meet Comrades from your Party in our international meetings here in Greece, and also abroad. Through your devotion to our common cause, we got to love Egypt and the Egyptian people even more. Thus, we share with you the imminent need to stand up to the historic duty of struggling for Genuine Democracy, which incorporates the basic political and social rights of the popular masses.


The Tunisian, Egyptian and other Arab uprisings since two years now have been a significant source of inspiration for us all. They set off a huge wave of popular demonstrations in the southern Europe’s squares, and they became examples for a multitude of different movements in many other, even more distant countries. Your spark started and encouraged the prairie fires in many parts of the world, where the peoples get to the streets and fight for Democracy, Freedom, Independence, Dignity, Bread and Emancipation.

Comunicado del KOE

[English text below]

El alma y el espíritu de la Revolución Bolivariana, el hombre que encarnaba las esperanzas y los deseos más profundos de su pueblo, el símbolo amado por cientos de millones de personas y odiado por la oligarquía y el imperialismo, ya no está con nosotros. La noticia de la muerte del Comandante Hugo Chávez causa un gran sufrimiento para todos nosotros. Es una gran pérdida para el pueblo de Venezuela, para los pueblos de América Latina, por todos los pueblos de nuestra tierra.

Sin embargo, como dijo el Compañero Nicolás Maduro, Los que mueren por la Vida, no pueden llamarse muertos”. Estamos seguros de que el orgulloso pueblo de Venezuela se enfrentará a estos tiempos difíciles con la cabeza bien alta, se reuniero en torno a la dirección de la Revolución Bolivariana, sacando fuerzas de los triunfos históricos alcanzados hasta ahora bajo el liderazgo del Comandante Hugo Chávez. En esta difícil lucha, el pueblo de Venezuela y el liderazgo de la Revolución Bolivariana tienen poderosos aliados en el amor y la solidaridad de todas las fuerzas revolucionarias y progresistas, y de todos los pueblos del mundo.

La Organización Comunista de Grecia KOE, integrante de la Coalición de la Izquierda Radical SYRIZA, envía sus más profundas condolencias al gobierno, las organizaciones y el pueblo de Venezuela, y la familia del Comandante Hugo Chávez.

Comandante Hugo Chávez PRESENTE!

Atenas, 6 de marzo 2013

A delegation of KOE has been invited and participated in the Congress of foundation of SORTU, the new party of the Basque Patriotic Left. The Congress took place on February 23, 2013 in Iruña, Basque Country. Follows the greeting addressed by the representative of KOE to the mass political act after the successful conclusion of the works of SORTU’s Congress:




Dear friends and comrades,

I am conveying to you all, the warmest greetings of the Communist Organization of Greece, member of the Coalition of Radical Left (SYRIZA), accompanied by the wishes of thousands of Greek progressive and left people, who know very well and support your decades-long struggles for Independence and Socialism.

Today it is a very good day for the Patriotic Left and for the Basque People. It is also a day of great inspiration for us, your international friends: This very moment, we witness the triumph of the democratic will of hundreds of thousands of Basques, who offer to the world one more proof that the repression, the prisons, the tortures, the calumniations are not able to strangle a proud and freedom-loving nation, nor its popular and progressive forces. The Patriotic Left is here, stronger than ever, paving the way towards the democratic resolution of the conflict and, thus, towards a Basque Country with social justice and dignity for its people.

Statement of KOE

The cold-blood assassination of comrade Chokri Belaïd yesterday morning in front of his house by “unknown” professional murderers sprung a new wave of justified and invincible popular anger. Fighting against the repressive forces, broad masses went out in the streets of Tunis and other cities all over Tunisia, shouting once again the revolutionary slogans of the 2011 uprising. The Popular Front, joined by the other parties of the opposition, left the Parliament and announced a general strike demanding the overthrow of the government.

Now, more than ever before, it is evident to the whole world that the actual government has tragically failed the expectations of the Tunisian Revolution. For this reason, this government became in its turn the target of the brave Tunisian people, who have broken once and for all the barrier of fear that was dominating Tunisia during decades. The sons and daughters of the Tunisian people, who offered their blood in order to overthrow the dictatorship of Ben Ali, could not but continue the struggle for Dignity, Justice, Bread and Democracy. Yesterday evening, under the popular outcry and thanks to the uncompromising stance of the Popular Front, the government was forced to retreat and promise new elections.

The Communist Organization of Greece expresses to the Popular Front, to the people of Tunisia and to the family of Chokri Belaïd the most sincere condolences for the loss of a dedicated revolutionary who lived his whole life in the service of the people. Chokri Belaïd, head of the Democratic Patriots Movement and vice president of the Popular Front, was jailed and tortured repeatedly in the dungeons of the pro-western dictatorship, actively participated in the 2011 uprising and contributed in rallying the Tunisian Left. We pay tribute to his memory.

The Communist Organization Greece salutes the Tunisian people, who are writing History once again, thus honoring in the most dignified way the assassinated leader. We hail the comrades of the Tunisian Workers’ Party and of the Popular Front, who are in the frontlines of their people’s struggle. A few days after the mass protests of the Egyptian people, the spirit of the much calumniated Arab Spring, which inspired the progressive people in the whole world, returns proudly in its original cradle, Tunisia. The spirit of the Revolution mocks its own weaknesses, but mainly jeers at those cynic “observers” that derided the Arab Spring, considering the peoples as pawns of supposedly omnipotent foreign powers. And the spirit of the Revolution shouts again with booming voice: The Peoples Have the Power to Impose EVERYTHING!

Athens, 7 February 2013

Communist Organization of Greece

Following an invitation by UCPNM to attend or send greetings to its 7th Congress, to be held from 2 to 7 February at Hetauda, the Communist Organization of Greece has replied with the following message:


Dear Comrades,

We are extending greetings to your Congress and wish success in its works. We send you our appreciation and encouragement for your efforts to cope with the complex challenges posed by the struggle in your country, in a context of worldwide aggressive response of imperialism and capitalism to its global crisis. We are observing carefully the developments in Nepal, wishing that your efforts focus and strive for a policy that serves and promotes the aspirations of your people. The Nepalese people have offered immense sacrifice in the struggle, have marked important victories but also tactical defeats, and they continue to represent an inspiration for us all as the first revolutionary experience of the 21st century.

Dear Comrades,

Greece is suffering an attack of imperialism and capitalism threatening the very survival of our people and of our country. The IMF-EU-ECB troika and its local lackeys pursue almost three years now their destructive policy, without any “success” except… tearing apart the social and democratic rights, as well as the last remnants of popular sovereignty and national independence. Greece now experiences vast unemployment, poverty and a recession unseen in times of peace. And this situation is all but limited in Greece: the whole European South suffers under the extreme neoliberal policies of destructuring the so called “welfare state”, in a fast-track process of suffocating attachment to the chariot of German imperialism.

Expressing the feelings of all the members and friends of KOE, and deeply inspired by the courageous personal battle of President Hugo Chávez, we declare our solidarity with the struggle of the Venezuelan People in defense of their Constitution.

We condemn the cynical campaign of the imperialists and their Media, who are desperately trying once more to reverse the democratic will of the Venezuelan People, as it has been expressed in the last presidential elections.

We are confident that the Venezuelan People shall fight courageously in order to defend their conquests, repulsing the renewed attacks of the international and local reactionaries. In this struggle, they have our full support.

10/1/2013, KOE - International Relations Department



Expresando los sentimientos de todos los miembros y amigos de KOE, y profundamente inspirados por la valiente batalla personal del presidente Hugo Chávez, declaramos nuestra solidaridad con la lucha del pueblo venezolano en defensa de su Constitución.

Condenamos la campaña cínica de los imperialistas y sus medios de comunicación, que intentan desesperadamente una vez más revertir la voluntad democrática del pueblo venezolano, como se ha expresado en las últimas elecciones presidenciales.

Estamos seguros de que el pueblo venezolano va luchar valientemente para defender sus conquistas, rechazando los nuevos ataques de los reaccionarios locales y internacionales. En esta lucha, cuenta con todo nuestro apoyo.

10/1/2013, KOE - Departamento de Relaciones Internacionales

We express our sorrow and anger for the cowardly murder of the three Kurdish women militants last night in Paris, France. We extend our most sincere condolences to the families of the assassinated militants, to their organizations and to the whole Kurdish People.

The French authorities bear a huge responsibility for their failure to prevent these cold-blooded executions in the center of Paris, especially since it is widely known that they closely tail after the Kurdish militants in France, considering them as “PKK terrorists”. Consequently, the French authorities must solve as fast as possible this crime and bring both its perpetrators and its instigators to Justice.

We condemn in the strongest way the insolent and slanderous allegations of Ankara’s regime, that this crime was an “internal execution”. This last insult to the three murdered militants, and to the movement of the Kurdish People as a whole, makes us wonder: Why the Turkish authorities feel the need to attempt to disorientate the crime investigation before it even starts?

Athens, 10 January 2013

Communist Organization of Greece (KOE)

International Relations Department

Following an invitation by CPN-M to attend or send greetings to its 7th Congress, held on January 9-13, 2013 at Kathmandu, the Communist Organization of Greece has replied with the following message:


Dear Comrades,

On behalf of the Leading Committee of the Communist Organization of Greece (KOE), we are extending greetings to your 7th Congress. Today, amidst a deep and catastrophic systemic crisis, the efforts of the communists all over the world to serve in the best possible way the interests of their peoples acquire particular importance. We salute all the efforts in this direction, every step taken by the communists worldwide in order to develop a line that responds to the new conditions, and thus opens up new paths towards the liberation and emancipation of the popular masses. In this sense, we express our sincere wish that your 7th Congress shall contribute in overcoming the great difficulties faced recently by the revolutionary, communist, democratic and popular movement of Nepal, which led the first revolutionary experience of the 21st century and inspired broad sectors of the progressive masses and movements on an international scale. We are confident that, based on your rich experience, both positive and negative, you will spare no efforts in order to adopt an orientation that will benefit the big majority of the Nepalese people.

Dear Comrades,

In Greece, our people face an unprecedented attack orchestrated by the international financial capital and the IMF-EU-ECB troika. This attack undermines the last remnants of democracy and sovereignty, creates a severe humanitarian crisis already affecting the majority of our people, and pushes our country and our society backwards, to the harsh conditions experienced by past generations many decades ago. The last three years, Greece became an international guinea pig, a subject of a modern-type neo-colonization, a country where the people, from the youth to the pensioners, are suffering a torturing process of slow but constant extermination. And this situation is all but limited in Greece: the whole European “south” suffers under the extreme neoliberal policies of destructuring the so called “welfare state”, in a fast-track process of suffocating attachment to the chariot of German imperialism.

Message of greetings to the PFLP on its 45th Anniversary


Dear Comrades,


The Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) extends wholeheartedly and comradely greetings to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) on its 45th founding anniversary.


This year, the celebrations for your anniversary took particular characteristics, among others thanks to the visit of the Palestinian Resistance’s lively legend, Comrade Leila Khaled, in the martyred Gaza. Be it in Gaza, in the West Bank, in the refugee camps or in the Palestinian Diaspora, the celebrations honoring the 45th anniversary of the PFLP reconfirmed your resolution to keep on fighting for the national unity and the realization of your People’s inalienable rights: the return of the refugees and a free, popular and democratic Palestine.


On this occasion, we pay tribute to the martyrs and the militants of PFLP, to all this formidable and endless army of sons and daughters of Palestine who never stopped fighting and became an inspiration to us all. In these difficult times for our people, who suffers under the IMF-EU-ECB troika’s yoke and struggles in order to overthrow the criminal puppet regime and pave the way towards a democratic and independent Greece, we have even more reasons to continue and strengthen our mutual solidarity.


Long live the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine!

We shall overcome!


Athens, 18 December 2012

Communist Organization of Greece (KOE)

International Relations Department

The Communist Organization of Greece (KOE), member of the Coalition of Radical Left (SYRIZA), congratulates all the Progressive, Left, Patriotic forces of Catalonia for their success in the elections of 25 November. The electoral outcome for the lists of Esquerra Republicana, of Esquerra Unida i Alternativa and of Candidatures d'Unitat Popular constitutes an encouragement for the Greek People and for all the Peoples of Europe in their struggles for Independence, Democracy and Emancipation.

A month ago, the Basque People has condemned in the most resolute way, through the electoral process, the decades-long barbaric repression exercised by the Spanish State and its antidemocratic refusal to recognize the right of a People to decide its own future. The arrogant claim that the forces of the Patriotic Left are nothing but a “bunch of terrorists” without popular support has been, once again, exposed for what it is: a pathetic lie.

Now, after the explicit outcome of the Catalan elections, it is time for Madrid to recognize the fact that there is a powerful popular current, both in Catalonia and in the Basque Country, which contests not only the neoliberal austerity policies but also the existing institutional framework of the Spanish State. Moreover, it is time for Madrid to grasp the chance for a democratic and sincere dialogue in order to resolve peacefully the conflict in the Basque Country.

We are confident that the Progressive, Left, Patriotic forces of Catalonia shall play a decisive role in defending the democratic and social rights of the Catalan People. Thus they will objectively reinforce the efforts of the Greek People as well, in our common struggle for a different Europe – without Troikas who bring only generalized misery and oppression.

Athens, 27 November 2012

KOE, International Relations Department

On the issue of the current Israeli attacks on Gaza, KOE issued a press release on 15/11/2012. Excerpts following:


Not only did Netanyahu’s government assassinate the head of Hamas’ military wing during the negotiation of a cease-fire (it is not the first time anyway that Israel blatantly disrespects an agreement), but it also declared that it will escalate the murderous operation “until the end”, meaning obviously the subordination of the Palestinians to the occupation and the siege of Gaza. Already, the casualties of the israeli operation called “Defense Pillar” are mainly civilians, many of them children. This repetitive crime is the definition of the destruction of life and security for the citizens of occupied Palestine and of the whole region.

- The new crime has to be stopped, and the occupation and the siege alike!

- Stop the military agreement between Greece and Israel, which legitimizes and helps the israeli crimes, implicates Greece in the plans of the zionists and undermines the friendship between the peoples of Greece, Palestine and the Arab world.

The ship Estelle is now at its final stage of the effort to end the siege of Gaza. At noon on October 16, five members of Parliament from Greece, Norway, Sweden and Spain embarked on Estelle, in an action south of the Greek archipelago, in international waters:

- MP Ricardo Sixto Iglesias, Spain

- MP and physician Sven Britton, Sweden

- MP Aksel Hagen, Norway

- MP Vangelis Diamandopoulos, Greece

- MP Dimitris Kodelas, Greece

They are now together with activists and crew from Canada, Finland, Greece, Italy, Norway, Spain and Sweden. Jim Manly, former MP from Canada, is also on board. Three Israeli nationals are also on board and taking part in the action to break and lift the siege on Gaza. Estelle is expected to reach Gaza tomorrow, Saturday 20 October. The Israeli regime threatens to assault Estelle, in sheer violence of international and maritime laws. Your solidarity is necessary!


Statement of Dimitris Kodelas, Member of the Greek Parliament for SYRIZA, from the boat Estelle attempting to break the blockade of Gaza

The acceptance of the honoring invitation to participate in the mission of the sailing boat Estelle, attempting to break the blockade of Gaza, is a way to express once again the solidarity of SYRIZA and of the vast popular majority in Greece, towards the martyred people of Palestine and their legitimate struggle.

Message of the Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) to the 14th Congress of the Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM)

Dear Comrades,

On behalf of KOE's Leading Committee, members and sympathizers, we extend to your 14th Congress a warm salute of comradeship in struggle. There is a great geographical distance separating our two countries, as well as very different social, economic and political conditions. And yet, we feel that we have many in common: the oppression by the imperialist powers and their local lackeys, the dramatic pauperization of the popular masses provoked by the extreme neoliberal policies, an incredibly corrupted and sold out political system that repeatedly fails to resolve even the most basic problems of the masses. But, above all, what we have in common is our resolute stand by the side of the popular masses, our investment in their democratic movement, our dedication to the just cause of our peoples’ aspirations for Independence, Democracy and Justice.

Statement of KOE:

To the progressive Irish People

To the republican socialist movement campaigning for NO on May 31st

Brothers and Sisters!

You find yourselves just a day before a most critical vote in the referendum about the so called “Stability Treaty”. Your vote is critical, first of all, for the very future of Ireland, for the very future of each one of you and of your children. The camp of the “yes-men”, composed by all the obedient and guilty servants of a repeatedly failed policy and of a system that has times and again proved to be destructive and corrupted to the core, are trying to terrorize you. According to them, “the Apocalypse will fall on your heads” in case you dare to prove, once again, that you put above all the future of your children and the dignity of a sovereign Ireland. The truth is that a NO vote shall oblige them to think twice before they further advance their program of total annihilation of the Irish People’s social, democratic and national rights. Moreover, a NO vote will have an immediate repercussion on the further development of the struggles all over Europe, where the peoples are courageously fighting to overthrow the yoke imposed by a handful of profiteers and their political personnel.

Extracts of the message sent by the Youth of KOE to the Revolutionary Communist Youth (JCR) of Argentina on its 40th anniversary

[...] Dear comrades of the JCR,

You are celebrating in the most appropriate way the 40th anniversary since the foundation of the JCR: by continuing your struggle, as integral part of the your people and youth, opening the path towards the Democratic-Popular Revolution that will meet the deepest aspirations and the most basic interests of the broad Argentinean popular masses. We are also celebrating with you, by intensifying our fight against the IMF-EU-ECB troika and their local lackeys, united with you in the struggle against our common enemies.

The young people all over the world, despite the very different conditions between countries and regions, have many common points: first of all, in the context of the global crisis, we are all targeted by the ongoing war declared upon us by the most retrograde and reactionary forces, which “promise” to the youth of the world a dark and barbarous future. We have, however, another common point: our globally expressed aspiration to fight against this destructive system and to live a worthy life! From Latin America, Africa and Asia to the Mediterranean countries and to the “developed” West, the youth is in the forefront of the battle for Democracy, Justice and Liberation.

Press Statement of KOE

The visit of the butcher Ehud Barak today in Athens is another outrageous development, confirming the Greek government’s shameless choice to deepen the “alliance” with the Zionist terrorist state. This policy lacks any principles, is dangerous for our people, and leads to a deeper implication of Greece in the war games under preparation in the greater region. Furthermore, it is a policy opposed by the Greek people who, in their big majority, stand in solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

The Communist Organization of Greece condemns the total submission of the Greek government to the demands of the imperialist powers, the masterminds of this unprincipled and adventurist “alliance” between Greece and the Zionist entity. KOE fully supports the demonstration against the visit of Ehud Barak organized today in Athens by the Solidarity Association “Intifada” and others.

Stop all relations of Greece with the Zionist terrorist state!

Long live the deep bonds of fraternal solidarity among the Greek and the Palestinian people!

No Justice – No Peace!

Athens, 10/1/2012

Press Statement of KOE

Since today morning the French ship «Dignité», the only one from the Freedom Flotilla II that managed to break the shameless ban imposed by the puppet government of Papandreou, was in the international waters outside Gaza. With 16 people on board, «Dignité» has been encircled by warships of the Israeli navy. Since 10:30 AM we lost any contact with «Dignité». On 01:30 PM Israeli commandos occupied «Dignité», shredding apart once more any sense of international law. In these critical moments, our hearts and minds are with those 16 persons who were left alone to represent a great enterprise of solidarity and humanity. In their faces, millions and millions of people from the whole world are finding their expression.

The Papandreou government, acting as puppet of the Zionist entity, but also the president of the Hellenic Republic (?) Mr Papoulias, who “succeeded” to be the first representative of Greece ever booed by Palestinian citizens, may be satisfied: They have prevented the sailing of Freedom Flotilla II, thus allowing the Zionist Goliath to “bravely” occupy just one tiny boat. However, Mr Papoulias and Mr Papandreou should not worry for the fact that «Dignité» managed to escape the Greek ports: They will be congratulated in any case by the bloody neonazis of the Zionist entity.

We know that we would express a huge naivety if we would ask the Greek authorities to intervene even at this last moment, and to demand that Israel respects the international law. Mr Papoulias and Mr Papandreou are accomplices of the Israeli neonazis, and our people shall never forget that they have abased both Greece and Dignity.

We demand the safety of the 16 people of «Dignité»!

No Justice, No Peace! Freedom for Palestine!

19 July 2011

KOE Press Office

The internationalist Resistance Festival will take place for the fourth consecutive year in Athens on 1, 2 and 3 July 2011, while THE FEAR CHANGES CAMP. Since May 25, hundreds of thousands have participated in the occupations of the main city squares all over the Greece, and the protest keeps gaining momentum. With the youth in the forefront, the people united struggle against the IMF-EU-ECB yoke, the Papandreou “government” and the whole corrupt and bankrupt political system. Real democracy and respect of people’s sovereignty, those are the aspirations of the masses that have invaded the scene in all their strength, reducing to ashes the calculations of the enemy camp. Join us in the 4th Resistance Festival, which aims at facilitating the interaction and the exchange of experiences among the INDIGNADOS of the world: from Greece and the Iberic Peninsula to Argentina, through Tunisia, Egypt and the other Arab countries!

The experiment that we started four years ago gradually grows and becomes an institution of the youth and popular movement: The 4th edition of Resistance Festival is already under preparation, as another step forward in building the unity of our struggles that is today more necessary than ever. The Resistance Festival aims at converging peoples’ movements and offers a unique opportunity for the Greek public to get into direct contact with various experiences and struggles from other countries, with international guests and delegations covering a broad geographical and political spectrum. Important speakers, activists, parties and youth organisations, as well artists and music groups, have joined us the previous years. Thousands of people participated and attended the political and cultural events of the Resistance Festival.

The festival will again take place in the familiar location of the Agricultural University of Athens. This year there will be three central debates, one each day: