Let’s strengthen the solidarity in the Balkans!

We, the Parties and Organizations gathered in the Conference of Thessalonica on 23-24 of April 2005, after discussing and exchanging information and assessments about the situation in the Balkan countries, are deciding the establishment of a Conference for mutual information, coordination and solidarity, bearing the name of “Conference of Communist and Workers’ Parties of the Balkans”.

The goals of the Conference are:

To bring in touch and to mutually inform more fully the various Communist and Workers’ Parties and Organizations of the Balkans.

To make the situation of the working class and of the other oppressed masses known.

To express more concretely the friendship, solidarity and internationalism in this region.

To enable the coordination and solidarity in various levels and always according to the needs which the peoples’ and the communists’ struggle brings to surface.

To develop the anti-imperialist struggle.

Therefore, the Conference is a structure that is useful in the current phase of development of the communist and workers’ movement in the Balkans, and its role will be adjudged by how much it will contribute into bringing closer forces that in essence are fighting for the same purposes, but still do not know each other very well and did not previously coordinate on a Balkan level.

In the Conference may participate the Communist and Workers’ Parties and Organizations from the Balkans that accept its basic principles and its rules of functioning.

Basic principles – The participant Parties and Organizations:

are fighting against the imperialists’ presence in the Balkans and especially against the presence of NATO, as well as against the cultural imperialism and the imperialist “globalization”, which bear destructive consequences for the working class, the peoples and the oppressed nations;

are struggling against neo-liberalism and all the policies that emanate from its implementation by the anti-people, reactionary governments and states, which lead the working class to holocaust, annihilate the poor and middle peasantry, destroy the future of our peoples and the environment we are living in;

maintain their independence from all kind of bourgeois and reactionary forces and especially from the bourgeois governments; they do not surrender to the enemies of our peoples, nor they spread the compromise and the defeatism;

are fighting against all the chauvinist-nationalist and fascist theories and policies, are promoting in each possible way the friendship among the Balkan peoples, and the internationalist spirit;

are promoting the solidarity among the left and revolutionary forces in the spirit of mutual respect, sincerity, equality and without any hegemonism.

Rules of functioning of the Conference:

All the constituent parts of the Conference (i.e. the participant Parties and Organizations) are equal.

From every country, more than one Parties and Organizations can participate, given that they accept the basic principles and the rules, and since no disagreement has been expressed by the constituent parts of the Balkan Conference.

The Balkan Conference does not interfere in any way in the internal affairs of the participants, nor in the bilateral or multilateral relations they may have with other Parties, International Conferences, etc.

The Balkan Conference is being assembled at least once a year and in its meetings all of the constituent parts participate. The agenda and the rules of functioning are redefined in every conference.

The resolutions of the Balkan Conference are adopted unanimously. This means that there has to be a special effort so as to organize the consensus and the overcoming, in a creative way and thanks to comradely debate, of the points of friction. The guiding rule is to find every time those points that can unite the fates and the needs of our peoples.

The decisions of the Balkan Conference are being signed by the Organizations and the Parties that agree. Resolutions may be adopted exclusively when there is a broad consensus, even if they are not signed by all the participants, or are partially signed. For this reason, all the Parties and Organizations have the right, if they wish, to clarify their point of view on the various documents, to express their particular views on various points of them, as well as why they disagree on the whole or on some points. All the written observations of a participant Party or Organizations are communicated to the rest of the participants.

During the intervals between the conferences, a 3-member Coordinating Group (plus 2 substitute members) is working, that distributes various documents and the rest of the correspondence, updates the rest of the participants of the Balkan Conference on all the subjects, prepares the assemblies. All of its meetings are open and any participant of the Balkan Conference can attend them. The Coordinating Group may ask secretarial-technical help by the participants.

Thessalonica is assigned as the headquarters of the Balkan Conference. However, meetings of the Balkan Conference and sessions of the Coordinating Group can take place wherever it is deemed more appropriate each time.

The Balkan Conference may decide the publication of magazines or other materials, the creation of Internet sites, and generally the use of any means that serve its goals.

Each participant Party/Organization contributes financially for the functioning of the Balkan Conference, according to its possibilities. The aim is to secure the financial independence of this multilateral organization.


Signed by:

Bulgarian Workers Party – Communists

Communist Organization of Greece

Communist Party of Romania – Nepeceristi

Labour Party (Serbia and Montenegro)

Labour Party of Albania

League of Communists of Yugoslavia in Serbia

Maoist Communist Party (Turkey-North Kurdistan)

Marxist Leninist Communist Party (Turkey-North Kurdistan)

Reformed Communist Party of Macedonia

Resistance Movement “23 September” (Bulgaria)

[*] Final version – based on the additions and amendments approved by all the participant Parties and Organizations and unanimously adopted in the 2nd Meeting of the Coordinating Group (27.11.2005), in accordance with the Rules of the Conference.