International Movement

Statement by KOE:

The two messages of the Italian elections

First Greece, now Italy. Although the political scene in Italy has not changed in a way as radical as in Greece (where the two-party political system has suffered a heavy blow and PASOK disintegrates) the message is again crystal clear: the Italian people are opposing the policies that Germany is trying to impose on the European South.

The political parties in favor of these politics have been punished: this is equally true for Bersani’s centre-left, who never won the easy battle they expected, as for the “Merkelist” Mondi, who foundered. On the contrary, those against or appearing to be against these politics are winning: Bepe Grillo’s political influence has skyrocketed while Berlusconi, disguised as “anti-Merkelist”, resuscitates. At the same time the Left, attempting a "unifying" but colorless and odorless participation and avoiding to take a stand on the main issue of the electoral debate, simply disappears…

There is also a second message, regardless the blurring and the confusion provoked by the resuscitation of Berlusconi, the Italian High Priest of the business’ and politicians’ intertwined corruption. This second message targets the whole political system and the lack of democracy and of respect for the popular will. This message has been expressed mainly through Grillo’s “unexpected” percentage. The same message, in several variations, has been sent by the people to those in power in Greece, Spain, Slovenia, Bulgaria…

Let’s strengthen the solidarity in the Balkans!

We, the Parties and Organizations gathered in the Conference of Thessalonica on 23-24 of April 2005, after discussing and exchanging information and assessments about the situation in the Balkan countries, are deciding the establishment of a Conference for mutual information, coordination and solidarity, bearing the name of “Conference of Communist and Workers’ Parties of the Balkans”.

After a fertile and comradely discussion, we, the Communist and Workers’ Parties and Organizations that met in Thessalonica in the 23rd and 24th of April 2005, have decided to proceed to the establishment of a “Conference of Communist and Workers’ Parties of the Balkans”.

Today, the closer cooperation and solidarity among all of the left, communist forces of the Balkan countries becomes more and more necessary.

For over a decade now, Balkans became a field of intense inter-imperialist antagonisms that, by using local chauvinisms and submissive states and governments, have transformed the area again into a powder-magazine and a war field. War, half a century after the end of the 2nd World War, is today a constant threat. Troops of imperialist forces, under various labels (UN, NATO, USA, etc.), check at Balkan countries, while many Balkan countries have joined or are about to join NATO and the Western-European Union. Almost as a whole these countries helped the USA and Britain during the unjust war in Iraq. Military bases of the USA, NATO and of the other imperialists, used for the control of the Balkans and for raids in oppressed nations and countries, have been scattered throughout almost all of the countries.

The two “camps”

During the past five years a series of ideological and political issues arose, relating to choices, orientations, experiences, dilemmas and hardships faced by the multiform resistance and action of millions of people against neo-liberalism, war and imperialism. It could not have been otherwise, since different opinions, lines and ideological currents always co-existed and fought each other within the mass movements. Consequently, the revival of movements at the dawn of the 21st century brought about or refueled a series of political and ideological issues:

“We will live unprecedented situations”

When in 1990 the father Bush declared that the humanity enters in the period of New World Order, he did not simply repeat a Hitler’s slogan: He expressed the conviction of the imperialists and of the free market preachers that finally they finished with the cursed History and its socialist parentheses. Fifteen years later, the supposedly omnipotent New World Order already has sunk the humanity in an unprecedented International Disorder. The wars, the invasions and occupations, the genocides and the partitioning of countries spill blood all over the planet as never before since World War II.