Who we are

- The Communist Organization of Greece (Kommounistiki Organosi Elladas - KOE) is a popular, democratic and militant organization.

- Our roots lie in the communist movement of Greece, which is united with the Greek People through the indestructible bonds of the blood shed in the decades-long struggles for National and Social Liberation.

- Our theoretical base is Revolutionary Marxism, founded by Marx and Engels and enriched by Leninism and the works of Mao Zedong, continuously enriched by collective efforts to produce the necessary new answers to the new problems that arise in the modern era.

- Been convinced that the theory and the previous historical experiences, both positive and negative, cannot offer ready-made answers to the actual problems, we consider as one of our main duties to contribute to the elaboration of the program of humanity’s emancipation in our era, and to the building of the movement towards 21st century’s Socialism.

The development of KOE

1. National presence

Since its Founding Congress (January 2003), the Communist Organization of Greece is gradually developing its organized forces and influence all over Greece. Actually there are base organizations of KOE functioning in 32 Greek cities (plus 7 more cities with presence of members of KOE), thus covering the biggest part of the country, including several islands. The number of the Cultural-Social Centers founded on the initiative of KOE and functioning in cities and neighborhoods has actually doubled to 6, from 3 in 2003. KOE held its 2nd Congress in June 2007 and its 3rd Congress in March 2012. The organization’s nation-wide paper “Aristera!” (“Left!”), which was published every second week since 1996, has been replaced the last two years by the left weekly "DROMOS tis Aristeras" ("ROAD of the Left"). KOE has its own publishing house, named "Editions A/synechia". The website of KOE is www.koel.gr (in English language: international.koel.gr).

2. Participation in mass organizations

The Communist Organization of Greece actively participates in several front-type mass organizations, which nevertheless keep their organizational independence from KOE and/or SYRIZA. Among them: (a) the broad organization of employed and unemployed youth "DIKAIOMA", where the members of KOE play a leading role; (b) the "Left Unity", which is a broad left alliance rallying the forces of SYRIZA in technical colleges and universities; (c) the “Union of the Working People”, present in several unions and federations of the Greek trade union movement; (d) several local and regional citizens’ groups in municipalities and regions, with elected representatives in municipal and regional councils.

3. Participation in SYRIZA

The Communist Organization of Greece is member of the Coalition of Radical Left (SYRIZA) since June 2007. Representatives of KOE have been elected in the Central Committee, the Executive Secretariat and other leading organs of SYRIZA. During the elections of 6 May 2012, three members of KOE have been elected MPs with SYRIZA. They have been re-elected on 17 June 2012, together with one more member of KOE. These comrades fully integrate the Parliamentary Group of SYRIZA. On 5 July 2013, ten days before the 1st Congress of SYRIZA, KOE has announced its decision to suspend its autonomous public presence as a necessary step for the strengthening of SYRIZA and of its unified expression. In the new Central Committee of SYRIZA, which has been elected by the 1st Congress, KOE has a significant presence and aims at advancing the struggle for genuine democracy and social emancipation, through a radical political change imposed by the people, overthrowing the regime of the IMF-EU-ECB troika and of its local lackeys.

The international work of KOE

KOE considers itself an internationalist organization. It entertains fraternal relations with left parties and progressive movements of over 100 countries from all five continents, and participates in international initiatives based on the principles of equality, mutual respect and solidarity. KOE participated in the anti-globalization movement since its beginning, as well as in the founding and development of the Greek and of the European Social Forum. The International Relations Department of KOE publishes documents of the organization, and represents KOE in conferences and internationalist meetings. Since 2008, KOE organizes annually the Resistance Festival, which has a strong internationalist aspect. The international delegations that have participated in the five, so far, editions of the Resistance Festival cover a broad political and geographical range.

KOE is member of the:

1. Coalition of Radical Left (SYRIZA)

2. Greek Social Forum (GSF) and European Social Forum (ESF)

3. Balkan Conference of Communist and Workers' Parties (BCCWP)

4. International Conference of Marxist Leninist Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO)

5. International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations (ICOR)


The Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) has its roots in the revolutionary traditions of our people and of the Communist Movement. During the difficult years of the early eighties, a handful of cadres and militants coming from the liquidated marxist-leninist current restarted the effort of reconstruction. After a period of general preparation, the Political Organization A/synechia (predecessor of KOE) was formed and strengthened. This process was decisively advanced by the participation in the direction of our Organization of Comrade Yannis Hotzeas, the most outstanding Greek marxist-leninist, whose theoretical and practical contribution exceeds the limits of Greece. The Revolutionary Marxist Organization A/synechia became gradually active in tens of Greek cities, and in the labor and youth movement through its front organizations, respectively the Union of the Working People and the Left Mass Formations of the Youth. In 1996 it started the publication of the journal "Aristera!" ("Left!") and of a theoretical-political organ, as well as of many marxist works. It adopted an active internationalist attitude, organizing every year several nation-wide campaigns of solidarity. The long efforts of the forces regrouped around the Political Organization A/synechia passed into a new and higher stage after the Founding Congress that took place with great success in Piraeus, on 18-19 January 2003, and decided to found the Communist Organization of Greece.

Holding dear Communism in our hearts, we struggle for a Free, Democratic, Independent Greece under People's Power - in a world without new order, war, exploitation, poverty, hunger and alienation!



POST ADDRESS: 10 Konstantinoupoleos & 18 Andronikou Str., GR-11854 Athens, Greece

PHONE: +30 210 3837191, +30 210 6441745, +30 6972738059

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