Article written for the Turkish socialist newspaper Atilim

The European Council of Ministers of Justice and Interior Affairs met in Brussels, on 4 and 5 December 2006. Among other issues, they discussed the “European Counter-Terrorism Strategy”. What impresses in their conclusions, is the use of the term “violent radicalization” in the context of the “anti”-terror campaign. According to them, the “violent radicalization” is of “nationalist, anarchist, separatist, far-left or far-right nature”. According to the EU Ministers of “Justice”, this kind of radicalization “is a phenomenon where individuals adopt such opinions, views and ideas that may (!) lead to terrorist activities”. This is how the EU, while presenting itself as defender of the human and democratic rights world-wide, advances a legislation that intensifies the repression even against “opinions, views and ideas” that, by their nature (!), “may lead to terrorist activities”... This is how the “americanization” of the EU advances, in an effort of the European dominant classes to follow the US model and prevent the strengthening of the popular resistance forces and mass movements in the European continent, be they progressive, democratic or revolutionary.

Thus, even within the EU member states, the most elementary rights guaranteed by the bourgeois Constitutions are under imminent threat and are already violated in many cases. While a few years ago such violations mainly occurred in countries like Turkey, now they get generalized even in the most “democratic” states of the “old Europe”. In a strange way, the “European integration” seems to work very well, although towards the opposite direction of what its advocates claimed: Instead of countries as Turkey becoming “European-style democracies”, the EU legislation and practice increasingly resembles the Turkish regime’s conception of “democracy”. Some examples:

Many democrats and revolutionaries persecuted in their countries and living for years in Europe as political refugees, are now included in the shameful “anti”-terror lists of the EU and of individual EU member states, and are more and more often persecuted, arrested, put on trial, even condemned in heavy sentences and imprisoned, using ridiculous and false accusations that penalize their ideas and legitimate political activities. Such cases include Turkish, Kurdish, Filipino, Palestinian and other leaders and militants.

Several solidarity associations, for example in Denmark and Italy, are accused as “assistants of terrorism” because of their active support towards popular liberation movements that, in their turn, have also been baptised as “terrorists” (among others, the Palestinian PFLP and the Colombian FARC).

In many countries of the former Eastern bloc, the communist parties and youth organizations of all tendencies are under constant persecution or even purely and simply banned. The last is the case in all the Baltic States, and recently in the Czech Republic, which outlawed the communist youth KSM because it refused to delete from its statutes the reference to the ultimate goal of a classless society!

Simultaneously, the activity of the communists in several “old” EU member states suffers a more and more tight surveillance and constant harassment by the repressive state mechanisms, including in some cases, for example in Germany, the prohibition of participation in the trade union and other mass movements if they declare their communist identity. In some cases, as in Italy, whole communist organizations are continuously persecuted by the legal system and the police with unfounded and never proved accusations. In the Spanish State, dozens of mass organizations of the Basque Patriotic Left are outlawed and hundreds of militants arrested, tortured, put on trial and imprisoned.

The above are only a few examples of the policies followed by the imperialists and the dominant classes in order to deal with the growing popular resistance in the heart of the European metropoles. Accompanied by the continuous reactionary brainwash by the bourgeois propaganda mechanisms, this repression of “radicalism” constitutes one of the weapons of the dominant classes in order to keep on their neoliberal attack against the vast majority of the popular masses within Europe, as well as their genocidal imperialist policies against the peoples of the world. The diversiform resistance of the working people and youth, as expressed in a series of mass movements that shake a big part of Europe during the last years, shows that the masses are fed up of these neoliberal, imperialist and repressive policies and have a great disposition to struggle. What is needed in order that these movements will obtain victories and oblige the reactionaries to retreat is the building of a large, well coordinated political and social front on national, regional, continental and international level. The attitude of the Left forces, and especially of the Communist Left, will be the decisive factor on the pace of the accomplishment of this urgent necessity. The faster this front will be built and strengthened, the less will be the sufferings of our peoples.

Unity! Resistance! Victory!