Oddly enough, in the literature and the statements of the various Social Forums (World, European, but also several national or local Forums) the list of international institutions and organizations that organize and push forward the globalization does not include any reference on the European Union (EU). Consequently, there is no criticism or condemnation of this institution either. This paradox is owed to the “critical support” offered by the reformist and social-democratic forces to the so called “European architecture”, to the enlargement processes, etc. We must not forget that important sections of these forces have been in favor of the “Yes” during the referenda that took place on the adoption of the so called “European Constitution” – thus getting in blatant conflict with the will of their own peoples. These very forces prevented the European Social Forum to adopt a clear position, among other issues, in favor of the “No”.

Recently, and we mean since the 4th European Social Forum that took place in Athens this May, a more serious debate started to take place, and the critical opinions on the nature and the role of the EU get stronger. This fact must be related with the de-legalization of the EU in the eyes of the working people and of the youth on all-European level. After 20 years of savage neoliberalism in Europe the social gap became wider, the poverty spread and hurt broad popular sections, the inequalities between regions and countries got increased, many productive structures were destroyed, the repressive and racist policies became much more intense; also, recently, big movements and revolts developed and turned against the policy elaborated and applied by the EU. All the above do not lead to the conclusion that “we need more Europe”, as the reformist forces are claiming, quite the opposite: The EU must be set as target by the anti-globalization movement. The EU is an inter-state monopolistic union; a reactionary, imperialist, over-concentrative, anti-democratic, racist, anti-labor and anti-people union, and we must face it the way it is. The EU was and always is the basic lever for the propulsion of globalization in the vital space of the Western European imperialism, and materializes the imperialist policy of the basic European powers, whether in cooperation or in contradiction with the US imperialism.

In the present phase, the EU passes through a most deep crisis. The roots of this crisis lie on certain inter-related elements: economic recession and stagnation, deepening of the social gap, antagonism and conflict over geopolitical choices between the various European powers, de-legalization of neoliberalism, and development of struggles all over Europe.

The deepening of the criticism against EU and against all the confusions that are deliberately cultivated by the reformists on EU would be a decisive contribution to the developing movement. Let’s give away the utopia that is the unrealistic target of the supposed reform of the EU, which by its nature cannot be transformed into a pro-people institution. And let’s get prepared, and also prepare the movement, to push forward the only realistic pro-people target of a great change in favor of the working people: a Europe without EU. Another, better Europe cannot exist under the baton of a reactionary, imperialist, anti-labor and anti-communist EU. This baton together with the conductor must be abolished. It must be replaced by a different social plan, different productive relations, different political power. Any serious, composed, realistic and attainable approach of this issue on behalf of the oppressed people demands such a change. The path towards such a change must and can be opened! We must overcome the freezing of thought and the political suicide imposed by reformism!