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The Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) fully endorses the following statement of the Press Office of SYRIZA:

Press Statement

Today’s announcement of awarding the Peace Nobel Prize to the EU is an insult to the very Peoples of Europe, who are experiencing an undeclared war due to the barbaric antisocial policies of austerity. As a result of these policies, social cohesion and democracy are destroyed and wide parts of the society are being marginalized.

This awarding is not only hypocritical, but also indicative as to what the dominating circles consider as contribution to peace, especially if we take into account how much the Peoples in former Yugoslavia and in the Middle East have suffered because of the “humanitarian interventions” of the EU.

12 October 2012

Press Office of SYRIZA


Article written for the Turkish socialist newspaper Atilim

The European Council of Ministers of Justice and Interior Affairs met in Brussels, on 4 and 5 December 2006. Among other issues, they discussed the “European Counter-Terrorism Strategy”. What impresses in their conclusions, is the use of the term “violent radicalization” in the context of the “anti”-terror campaign. According to them, the “violent radicalization” is of “nationalist, anarchist, separatist, far-left or far-right nature”. According to the EU Ministers of “Justice”, this kind of radicalization “is a phenomenon where individuals adopt such opinions, views and ideas that may (!) lead to terrorist activities”. This is how the EU, while presenting itself as defender of the human and democratic rights world-wide, advances a legislation that intensifies the repression even against “opinions, views and ideas” that, by their nature (!), “may lead to terrorist activities”... This is how the “americanization” of the EU advances, in an effort of the European dominant classes to follow the US model and prevent the strengthening of the popular resistance forces and mass movements in the European continent, be they progressive, democratic or revolutionary.

Oddly enough, in the literature and the statements of the various Social Forums (World, European, but also several national or local Forums) the list of international institutions and organizations that organize and push forward the globalization does not include any reference on the European Union (EU). Consequently, there is no criticism or condemnation of this institution either. This paradox is owed to the “critical support” offered by the reformist and social-democratic forces to the so called “European architecture”, to the enlargement processes, etc. We must not forget that important sections of these forces have been in favor of the “Yes” during the referenda that took place on the adoption of the so called “European Constitution” – thus getting in blatant conflict with the will of their own peoples. These very forces prevented the European Social Forum to adopt a clear position, among other issues, in favor of the “No”.