GREECE The Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) participates in the campaign for the parliamentary elections of October 4 in Greece as part of the Coalition of Radical Left (SYRIZA). In our international website you may read an interview of a KOE spokesperson to the German newspaper Rote Fahne (15/9/2009) where we explain the context of these critical elections after the bankruptcy of the right-wing government, the plans of the foreign and local reactionaries, the situation within the left alliance, and the efforts of KOE to offer a positive way out and a combative perspective.

GERMANY-PORTUGAL-IRELAND At the same time, the results of the elections in Portugal and Germany prove the possibilities for the Left, especially in conditions of a deep capitalist crisis, to be able to express the popular discontent and to create more favorable conditions in order to organize a successful resistance. Apart from the parliamentary elections in Portugal and Germany, KOE follows also closely the referendum campaign in Ireland, where the campaign of NO to the Lisbon Treaty delivers a courageous battle against the whole European and Irish political, financial and Media establishment. Twenty trade-unionists from Greece, cadres of our front organization “Union of the Working People”, have sent a letter to the Irish Press expressing our Solidarity with the Irish NO campaign (25/09/2009).


HONDURAS-ARGENTINA The Communist Organization of Greece participates as well in the international campaign of solidarity with the heroic people of Honduras, who keep struggling against the oligarchic coup and the imperialist “neutrality”, despite the terrorist repression unleashed by the Micheletti dictatorial regime. We also express our solidarity with the exemplary struggle of the 2.700 workers of the Terrabusi-Kraft factory in Argentina, who fight with resolute combative spirit and with the help of their class brothers and sisters for their jobs and their rights. The message Solidaridad con los obreros y obreras de Terrabusi-Kraft, Argentina (17/9/2009) condemns the attempt of the North-American multinational, to terrorize them and put on them the burden of the crisis, with the complicity of the Argentinean authorities.

TURKEY A delegation of KOE will participate in the “Socialist Economy Congress”, which will be organized by the Academy of Marxist Sciences Nazim Hikmet on October 3 in Istanbul, in the framework of the protests against the meeting of the IMF and World Bank.

MIGRANTS Last but not least, KOE and the Union of the Working People take part in the preparations of the international summit against the “Global Forum on Migration and Development” (GFMD), which will take place in Athens in early November 2009 with the participation of the UN General Secretary and dozens of state leaders. The international summit will take place from Sunday November 1 to Tuesday November 3. Many organizations, including the International Assembly of Migrants and Refugees (IAMR), prepare for a demonstration outside the GFMD venue on Wednesday November 4, as well as for a protest outside a migrants’ detention center on Thursday November 5. More details will be sent soon by the international organizing committee and the IAMR.