“The state of the Greek Left must change!”

Four years since the Founding Congress (January 2003) the Communist Organization of Greece, armed with a rich experience and having a steady development and recognition among the masses, finds itself in position to advance further. Our Organization is ready to make longer steps, to assimilate its positive and negative experience, to rectify the deficiencies and weak aspects of its function and action, to advance its central planification in a more essential, collective and planed way. KOE is ready to prove that the state of the country and society in large must change, and also that in order to achieve it, it is necessary to change the present state of the Greek Left towards a combative, unifying, modern and useful Left.

The great Italian communist Antonio Gramsci defined the necessary for the communists “ideological element” as “the understanding of the conditions and social relations within which the struggle takes place, and of the main tendencies that act upon the system of these relations”. Consequently, the issue of building the Communist Left concerns primarily the essential agreement on the conditions within which we are fighting, the understanding of the correlations that we want to overturn, and of course the assessment of our possibilities and of the orientation we adopt.

Thus, the preparatory discussion would be around the following 3 issues: (a) Estimations on the international situation and the developments in our country; (b) Review of the political and organizational work; (c) Orientations and targets. These 3 issues in their unity form a particular outlook. Its elaboration and enrichment responds to the necessary “ideological element” of the actual phase and will arm, from political and organizational point of view, a militant collectivity.

Our intention is to materialize a Congress open to all the people of the Left, with a discussion and resolutions that will answer their expectations. The slogan “The state of the Left must change” has to turn into a current within, around and outside the existing political formations of the Left, shoulder to shoulder with the people and its problems. The recent mobilisations, the participation of broader masses in them, the messages sent by the struggles of the youth and of the teachers, as well as by the municipal and prefectural elections, the anti-war movement and the successful development of the unifying efforts, create increased obligations and duties in the work towards the Left Pole.

The 2nd Congress will take place in a particular context within which we have to carry on a multifarious and multidimensional struggle from the point of view of the Communist Left. This context is shaped by: the new wave of struggles all over the world; the duties and demands emanating from it; the escalation of the aggressiveness of imperialism and the urgent necessity for an immediate broad regrouping in order to scrub its plans. Additionaly in our country by: the domination of the “two-party system”, despite the expressed discontent and the launch of big social struggles; the stagnation, self-isolation and even marginalization of the Left in the society and in the political life of Greece.

The conditions within which we will attempt to hold the 2nd Congress are generally good for one more reason: KOE, through great efforts and struggles, has proved that it is able to elaborate and apply a political line that exercises a political influence far greater than its organized forces. The 2nd Congress of KOE is planned to take place in June 2007.